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July 2012 Archives

Details emerge about executive order to help illegal immigrants

One month ago, we mentioned a change in immigration policy that has the potential to affect many immigrants here in North Carolina as well as across the country. That change involves an executive order signed by President Obama that allows qualifying illegal immigrants to work in the country for at least two years and perhaps longer if they obtain an extension.

Immigration officials use tattoos to evaluate visa applications

Tattoos can be used to express affection, personal identity and group membership, among other things. But it is their ability to signal gang affiliation that is causing problems for immigrants seeking green cards. Applicants for lawful permanent residency are finding it increasingly difficult to convince State Department and immigration officials that their tattoos are nothing more than harmless ink instead of the markings associated with criminal organizations.

Despite ruling, General Assembly could craft new immigration law

The North Carolina General Assembly was understandably quite interested in the Supreme Court's highly important ruling in the case involving Arizona's controversial immigration law. In the past, the legislative body has indicated that it was going to postpone comprehensive state immigration rules until the court's decision gave it guidance on what measures would be permitted under the Constitution.

North Carolina man's case could test bounds of immigration rules

Two weeks ago, we posted about President Obama's deferred action program, which allows certain illegal immigrants to remain in the country for a period of two years if they meet particular criteria. Among those criteria are requirements relating to an immigrant's criminal record. To be eligible for deferred action, a person must not have received a conviction for a number of misdemeanor crimes, a serious misdemeanor offense or a felony.

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