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August 2012 Archives

Visa program could help some immigrants in North Carolina

Immigration law is a broad and complex subject and some of its lesser-known, though still vitally important, areas can become overshadowed by the emphasis on other provisions and rules. For example, take the special immigrant juvenile status visa program, which is given the acronym SIJS. Under the program, if an immigrant is listed as a dependent of the state, is not married and has not yet reached the age of 21, he or she can become a lawful permanent resident.

Lawsuit filed to challenge deferred action immigration program

Last week on our Greensboro immigration blog we noted the beginning of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which gives certain eligible illegal immigrants a reprieve from deportation and a chance to earn a two-year work permit. While the program offers temporary help to young immigrants, it is not without its critics, some of whom have instituted legal action against it.

Deferred action program for young immigrants opens today

Today marks the time when qualifying undocumented immigrants in North Carolina can begin to apply for a deferred action program announced by President Obama in June. For those who meet eligibility requirements, the plan promises a two-year reprieve from the threat of deportation and provides illegal immigrants with work permits.

E-2 visa rules present problems for immigrants

The United States has long held itself out as the land of economic opportunity, attracting immigrants from around the world who wanted to find a better life through hard work. But that comforting image of advancement and prosperity belies a bitter reality facing many immigrants who have sought visas here. In fact, current immigration law puts up many hurdles that immigrants are finding increasingly hard to surmount.

Some to protest immigration laws at DNC in North Carolina

This September, Charlotte will host the Democratic National Convention. Immigration issues will undoubtedly play a significant role in this fall's presidential election, and they will likely have a major place at the DNC, where a number of undocumented immigrants plan to stage an act of protest.

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