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September 2012 Archives

Bill to raise number of STEM visas for immigrants not passed

Not far to the east of Greensboro lies the Research Triangle, a region encompassing a collection of high-tech businesses and exceptional universities. Congressional legislation has the potential to increase the number of foreign students with advanced degrees who can work at those companies, but the latest attempt to raise the cap on STEM visas was unsuccessful last week.

North Carolina sheriff allegedly exhibited anti-immigrant bias

The enforcement and adequacy of our nation's immigration laws have been at the forefront of political debate in recent years. The issue has produced a divided spectrum of opinions, from those who advocate for greater leniency to those who push for stricter policies. Wherever one's sympathies lie, however, it is axiomatic that the laws be administered fairly and evenly.

ICE: Immigrants in North Carolina protest will not be deported

Last week Charlotte played host to the Democratic National Convention, and immigration issues featured prominently in some speeches given on the convention floor. But immigration concerns also were expressed on the streets of the Queen City. A number of undocumented immigrants traveled across the country in an old bus and arrived in North Carolina to coincide with the DNC.

Immigration reform a pressing issue for North Carolina farmer

"It was either go overboard, get arrested, or jump on the ship," said a North Carolina farmer. He was talking about his ancestor who came over from England nearly three centuries ago. "He got on the ship, and this is where he ended up." That man began an American dream that has blossomed into 3,000 acres of farmland and a local cotton gin used to clean the cotton harvested from the fields.

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