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October 2012 Archives

Illegal immigrants to get aid attending college in North Carolina

Education, particularly a post-secondary education, opens many doors to future employment and successful careers. But for many undocumented immigrants in North Carolina and around the country, achieving that educational dream can be very difficult. Under immigration laws, federal financial aid is withheld from students who are unable to prove their legal status.

Some immigration deportation cases to get new treatment in court

We have mentioned previously on our North Carolina blog that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement revised its policy on deportation cases last year. In a memorandum written by ICE Director John Morton, the agency was given the authority to exercise prosecutorial discretion--that is, the ability to prioritize deportation cases and decide whether a particular immigrant's case merited the use of government resources. Those involving law-abiding illegal immigrants, for example, would generally not be pursued.

DHS releases report on immigration detention and deportation

North Carolina readers may be interested in a Department of Homeland Security report released last month. The report is full of data on the number of immigrants who have been detained and deported back to their home countries. The report shows two divergent trends in immigration detention. While Immigration and Customs Enforcement and other agencies are detaining record numbers of undocumented immigrants, the Border Patrol is reporting some of the lowest detention numbers in decades.

ICE will not file immigration case against undocumented activist

Greensboro residents may be interested to hear that Immigration and Customs Enforcement will not pursue a case against a journalist and immigration activist after police arrested him last week. He was on his way to deliver a lecture at Carleton College when an officer on patrol noticed that he was driving while wearing headphones. The officer pulled him over and took him into custody when the law enforcement database showed that the man's license had been revoked.

Romney would not revoke visas given under deferred action program

Amplified by last night's debate, public attention towards the race for the presidency is increasing. Election Day is only a handful of weeks away, and immigration issues are certain to be some of the focal points of both candidates' campaigns. Voters in North Carolina may be interested to know that Mitt Romney has made a statement regarding President Obama's current deferred action program.

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