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North Carolina officials to change young immigrants' licenses

People coming to this country to start a new life in a new land face many obstacles. Financial difficulties, language challenges and immigration rules all face those brave enough to come to the United States to build a life. Recently, North Carolina made a change to one relatively small but important challenge to young immigrants.

Former hardliners take a more lenient stance on immigration

Last week this blog noted that real immigration reform appears to be close to reality for the first time in years. One of the main reasons a comprehensive revision of immigration law finally seems possible is that a number of Republican lawmakers have adopted a noticeably softer stance on the issue since their party lost the last presidential election.

Senators nearing new immigration law with path to citizenship

As the laws on immigration continue to be debated, Congress will continue to discuss the national immigration policy. A new national immigration law could have a profound impact on all states, including North Carolina.

Proposed North Carolina law to address immigrant college students

A new law in North Carolina has been proposed to keep young immigrants from attending state and community colleges in North Carolina. As U.S. immigration law becomes a current issue, more states, like North Carolina, are changing their laws based on new policies.

North Carolina's new drivers licenses cause concern

Recently in North Carolina the state Attorney General has directed the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue drivers licenses to children of immigrants who entered the country with their parents as minors. The order comes about following President Obama's implementation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) law. The law, which allows qualified person temporary work permits, has been hotly debated across the nation With U.S. Immigration Law being debated all across the US and here in North Carolina, many groups have expressed concern over the new laws.

North Carolina will issue driver's licenses to deferred action immigrants

As a nation that is truly a melting pot of culture, the topic of immigration has been at the forefront of the minds of many citizens. Recently there has been a lot of debate concerning U.S. Immigration Law in North Carolina and around the nation. Much of this debate has centered on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals law.

AFL-CIO discussing immigration reform in North Carolina

With all the discussion surrounding immigration, many different organization have begun to take sides and to hold discussions on the merits of reform bills. The AFL-CIO recently kicked off its nationwide tour to discuss U.S. Immigration Law reform in North Carolina. The union is scheduled to hold 14 rallies across the country in the coming months.

Proposed immigration change much debated in North Carolina

The issue of immigration has long been one of discussion and sometimes contention in this country. Recently, at the national level, there has been a lot of talk surrounding reforms to U.S. Immigration Law. The contemplated reforms have received mixed reviews here in North Carolina.

Immigration laws debated across the country

All across the country, including in North Carolina, states are dealing with immigration laws and the political debates they inspire. Immigration law is constantly changing and in recent years have been the source of a heated debate among our nation's leaders.

North Carolina to issue driver's licenses to immigrants' children

In family immigration situations, it is not unusual for children to be born in other countries and then brought into the United States while they are still young. However, when these children are undocumented immigrants, they can run into problems down the road when it comes to finding employment and enjoying the privileges the United States has to offer. However, US immigration law is changing to address these undocumented children.

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