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Increasing number of LGBT asylum applicants are staying in U.S.

One year ago, the Nigerian Senate ignored criticisms from Western nations and formally passed legislation that makes homosexuality a crime. The Nigerian House is set to vote on the measure soon, which would additionally require family members to report any homosexual relationships involving their kin to the government. As a result of measures like this and forms of persecution sanctioned by other governments, an increasing number of LGBT global community members are seeking and being granted asylum in the United States.

Lawsuit filed to challenge deferred action immigration program

Last week on our Greensboro immigration blog we noted the beginning of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which gives certain eligible illegal immigrants a reprieve from deportation and a chance to earn a two-year work permit. While the program offers temporary help to young immigrants, it is not without its critics, some of whom have instituted legal action against it.

Some to protest immigration laws at DNC in North Carolina

This September, Charlotte will host the Democratic National Convention. Immigration issues will undoubtedly play a significant role in this fall's presidential election, and they will likely have a major place at the DNC, where a number of undocumented immigrants plan to stage an act of protest.

New immigration rules could help younger people avoid deportation

For a number of young illegal immigrants living in North Carolina, temporary relief from the threat of deportation may be right around the corner. Under immigration rules announced in an executive order created by President Obama, immigrants who meet particular criteria may be able to work and live in the United States for a period of two years, with the possibility for extension after the initial period expires.

New immigration laws will wait for now in North Carolina

The North Carolina General Assembly has turned its attention to immigration recently, but aside from bills already under consideration, the legislative body will refrain in the short term from creating any new laws affecting immigration. The reason is that it does not want to enact legislation that could be invalidated after the Supreme Court rules on current challenges to other states' immigration rules.

Immigration courts make bail available to more immigrants

One of the many challenges that some immigrants face is being detained, apart from their families, until their case is heard and decided. But for some, this is changing. Immigration courts in North Carolina and around the country are allowing illegal immigrants to post bail in greater numbers.

Immigration status is more than just a box to check

He was a good student in high school, and his family worked hard ever since they emigrated here from Bangladesh in 1991. After graduating from high school in North Carolina, Monji Dolon wasn't sure what residency box to check on his college applications. He's live in the United States for a majority of his life, but for no fault of his own, he is not a legal resident.

In Asheville, 100 march to show support for immigrants

Nearly 100 North Carolina protestors recently took to the streets of Asheville to protest a raid conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers. The protest, held on Dec. 18, was organized to support 12 employees of a local restaurant who were rounded up in the immigration raid, as well as to protest what demonstrators see as an outdated and impractical immigration law regime.

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